Amelia is 10 years old and is a Junior Elite team member for 3N Motion Dance Studio in Florida.  Amelia has been active with tumbling and dance since she could walk. Her favorite styles are Contemporary, Jazz, and Ballet when she isn't flying through the air during acrobatics.  

Amelia's first major accomplishment in dance was earning National Champion with Hall of Fame in 2021 with her first ever solo and then later in 2023 she was recognized as a HOF Inductee with a jazz solo.  Amelia's gift of dance has earned her several Titles, Placements, and Scholarships with companies such as Break the Floor productions, Streetz, Legacy Dance, UBC, Starpower, and NRG.  Amelia was one of the very few to become a Prodigy with NRG in the mini age category.  This summer has been full of training and accomplishments, including being named Best Dancer Top 10 at The Dance Awards and becoming a member of Mollee Gray's Season 5 juniorCREW training program.  While she is fortunate to travel and share her abilities, Amelia is also very active in her local dance community.  She is currently an Ambassador for Dance with Jax and trains with the Florida Ballet through intensives and participates in the annual performance of The Nutcracker.  

Amelia fell in love with SimplyBE during Miami's BEinFINite Launch Party.  Aside from the excellent quality, style, and customer service of the company, it is Simply a close family type atmosphere and environment while maintaining the uniqueness of individuality.

IG: @amelia_rae_09



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