Col·lec·tive ⬩ /kuh-lek-tiv/ ⬩ noun

⬩ a group of people acting together
⬩ relating to all the members of a group

What makes the BEcollective unique?

The BEcollective is more than just an ambassador's truly a family.

Made up of a group of girls and moms who fiercely support our brand and believe in everything we stand for, our BEcollective team is passionate about sharing their love for SimplyBE through their personal relationships, fellow dancers, and social media.


Amazing talent, fantastic people.


Tiny dancers, huge SimplyBE love!


Once family, always family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do BEcollective dancewear ambassadors do?

Our BEcollective team loves wearing SimplyBE for photoshoots, to classes, at conventions, and even on the performance stage. They give us feedback on our products from their own personal experience and by talking to other dancers in the community. They are consistently helping us see how we can better serve the needs of dancers. This team of dancers thrives on spreading positivity, kindness and outwardly displays support and encouragement for others in the dance community. In addition to being incredibly talented, they are hardworking and committed to their love for dance. All of which we value here at SimplyBE.

How can I become a dancewear model for SimplyBE?

Tell us your interested and show us your love for SimplyBE! How? Tag us in your Instagram posts, comment on our SimplyBE posts, and share our stories. Your support will NOT go unnoticed!

Occassionally we hold searches for new ambassadors through our Instagram page, but we are always on the lookout for new talent all year long.

What qualities do you look for in your SimplyBE brand reps?

The most important traits we look for in our prospective team members are PASSION and KINDNESS! Passion for our dancewear and kindness to others.

Do I have to be an award-winning dancer to be a part of your team?

Absolutely not! At SimplyBE, we value those who share our values and love for our line of dancewear.

Is there a difference between being a dancewear model and a brand representative?

At SimplyBE, our brand representatives (BEcollective and BittyBEs) and dancewear models are one in the same. Throughout the year, we sponsor photoshoots for new product lines and releases as necessary. While most of our shoots happen in our home state of Colorado, we often invite ambassadors to join in the fun. And sometimes, we shoot on location in various regions of the country.

How old must I be to be considered for your ambassador program?

We don't have an official minimum age requirement, however, we ask that you are, and remain, a competitive dancer throughout your ambassador term.

Our BEcollective team is generally 10 years old and up. Our BittyBE team members are typically 9 and under.