Finley is a 12 year old from St Paul, MN who (to put it Simply) LOVES to dance. She's been a part of Larkin Dance Studio's competitive team for over 7 years where she gets the privilege to train with not only some of the best teachers/choreographers in the nation, but alongside the most talented group of dance-friends she can imagine. Finley enjoys all genres of dance, but her most favorite is jazz where she gets to use her unforgettable facial expressions and sass. Finley was awarded the title of "Mini Best Dancer 2022" at The The Dance Awards, Las Vegas. The memories and experiences she gained on tour with Break The Floor are priceless.
Fin and SimplyBE go hand in hand. Their relationship started over a custom set 3 years ago, and has grown into a close friendship. Working together on the BEinFINite line was a dream collaboration, and representing this brand is an honor for her. She is so excited to see what the future holds for all things BE!

IG: @finleyashfield


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