Kenna is 13 years old and dances at Diverse Elements where she trains in all genres of dance. She trains approximately 25 hours each week between her studio and Elite Dance at school. Kenna is a member of Tremaine’s Performance Company where she travels to different cities to assist and perform in the faculty show.  Kenna has started assisting during choreography with younger dancers. Kenna has won multiple titles, overalls and scholarships with Velocity, Tremaine, NYCDA, Celebrity and Hollywood Vibe conventions as well as regional competitions. She is learning about Progressive Ballet Technique (PBT) and will work towards certification when she is old enough. Kenna’s favorite SimplyBE line is BEversatile, she loves that she can mix and match all of the pieces with ease. When Kenna is not dancing, she loves to paint, bake and cook.


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