Leah is 13 years old and trains and competes in all genres of dance with DSPC in Colorado. Her favorite types of dance are Pointe and Contemporary. She has been training in dance for 8 years and competitively dancing for 5 years now. Leah has earned multiple Regional titles and Scholarships and has earned placements on the National level such as In10sity Dance National Premier Solo Champion in 2019, and Top 20 MVA Soloist for Velocity Dance in 2022. This past summer of 2023, Leah’s solo placed top 5 at the Velocity Season Finale. Another awesome accomplishment for Leah is being chosen to be part of Kaylee Kintz’s Colorado Collective team going on 2 seasons, which has been an incredible experience for her.

Leah has felt beyond blessed being part of SimplyBE’s BEcollective for over 3 years now. She has loved modeling and proudly representing their multiple gorgeous dancewear lines, traveling, and getting to know so many sweet and talented dancers along the way.

Leah’s favorite food is sushi. In her downtime, Leah loves playing with her pets, learning new acro tricks, baking, reading, and hanging out with her friends and family. She very recently fulfilled a dream to become a teaching assistant with DSPC and loves working with kids helping them to grow in dance and reach their dance goals too!

IG: @leahmaedances


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