Col·lec·tive ⬩ /kuh-lek-tiv/ ⬩ noun
⬩ a group of people acting together
⬩ belonging or relating to all the members of a group


BEcollective is the ambassador program for SimplyBE Dance Originals, made up of a group of girls and moms who truly support our brand and believe in what we stand for. Our BEcollective team is passionate about sharing their love for SimplyBE with their friends and fellow dancers through their personal relationships and social media. They enjoy wearing SimplyBE for photoshoots, to classes, at conventions, and even on the performance stage. They give us feedback on our products from their own personal experience, as well as, by talking and listening to other dancers in the community. They are consistently helping us see where we can improve to better serve the needs of dancers. This team of dancers thrives on spreading positivity, kindness and outwardly displays support and encouragement for others in the dance community. In addition to being incredibly talented, they are hardworking and committed to their love for dance. All of which we value here at SimplyBE.