BErefined Booty Brief - Frost

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Re·fined ⬩ /rəˈfīnd/ ⬩ adjective

elegant and cultured in appearance, manner, or taste.
⬩ developed or improved so as to be precise or subtle.

Booty Briefs

Perfect for the studio or as part of that go-to convention outfit, you can count on the BErefined booty briefs to work as hard as you do. We consciously designed these boy-cut bottoms with a banded leg, a wide waistband, and soft lining for a luxurious feel and superior stay-in-place coverage. 

Made of polyester ribbed spandex with great stretch and recovery, these briefs will hug you in all the right places. Our versatile booty briefs come in an array of colors with a classy hint of shimmer and comfortably fit under BEmoxie shorts, BEessential joggers and our unique ballet ‘skorts’ to create multiple new looks.


⬩ Ribbed Polyester Spandex with Great Stretch & Recovery
⬩ Banded Leg for Dependable Coverage
⬩ Full Lining for a Luxurious, Long-Wearing Feel
⬩ Endless Mix-n-Match Options

BEpolished ⬩ BEcultivated ⬩ BErefined