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Re·fined ⬩ /rəˈfīnd/ ⬩ adjective

elegant and cultured in appearance, manner, or taste.
⬩ developed or improved so as to be precise or subtle.

Crop Top

A perfect balance between sporty and sophisticated, our BErefined crop top features a modest neckline and a bold keyhole back suitable for every age, size and build. 

Refinement is in the details: a secure midriff band with a playful 90° rotation in the fabric's ribbing, full lining, and state-of-the-art stretch and recovery spandex. This versatile top offers all-day comfort and a superior fit.

For a polished look, pair with our matching booty briefs, bikers, or fashionable palazzos. Or for a more athletic look, try our BEmoxie shorts.


⬩ Ribbed Polyester Spandex with Great Stretch & Recovery
⬩ Easy to Use X-Slide Clasp at Back of Neck 
⬩ Full Lining for a Luxurious, Long-Wearing Feel
⬩ Endless Mix-n-Match Options

BEpolished ⬩ BEcultivated ⬩ BErefined