BErefined Leo - Midnight

Size Guide
Re·fined ⬩ /rəˈfīnd/ ⬩ adjective

elegant and cultured in appearance, manner, or taste.
⬩ developed or improved so as to be precise or subtle.


A perfect combination of practical and pretty, the BErefined Leo fits like a glove. Our flagship leotard features the popular modest neckline and bold keyhole back of our BErefined Crop Top paired with a form-fitting bottom designed to move with you.

Available in our best-selling colors and made from the top quality fabrics you’ve come to know and love, the BErefined leo offers superior coverage for all ages, sizes and builds.

*Runs slightly large. 


⬩ Top: Ribbed Polyester Spandex with Great Stretch & Recovery
Bottom: Moisture-Wicking Athletic Poly-Spandex
⬩ Easy to Use X-Slide Clasp at Back of Neck
⬩ Full Lining for a Luxurious, Long-Wearing Feel

BEpolished ⬩ BEcultivated ⬩ BErefined