BEversatile Swap Halter - Peacock / Cacti (New)

Size Guide

This Halter Top is our newest addition to our two tops for the price of one options. Plus the BEversitility of mixing-n-matching with some of our BErefined faves?
It’s happening...


Two of our most popular colors team up in one reversible dance top. The masterfully designed Peacock and Cacti Swap Halter is not only super comfy, but oozes versatility. Combined with 4 different peacock and cacti BEversatile bottom options, your Swap Halter gives you 8 distinct looks…But for even MORE flexibility, pair your Cacti green and Peacock blue Swap Top with either the Cacti or Peacock Booty Briefs or Midi Shorts from the BErefined collection for a play on texture. Different fabrics, same colors.


⬩ Economically-friendly Reversible Design
Ethically-Sourced Moisture-Wicking Polyester Lycra Tricot
Fully Lined for Added Comfort
⬩ Endless Mix-n-Match Options
⬩ Made in the USA

BEversatile ⬩ BEadaptable ⬩ BEfree
Fabric Specifications & Care Instructions

All our products are proudly made in the USA using only the finest fabrics.

Your BEversatile Swap Halter - Peacock / Cacti (New) features:

High-Performance Polyester Lycra Tricot
(82% Polyester, 18% Lycra)


To keep your dancewear looking its best:

⬩Machine wash cold, delicate cycle or hand wash. Minimal detergent.
⬩Hang dry.
⬩Do not bleach.
⬩Do not iron.